The pressure washer adapter was invented by a disabled veteran.

*   The size will fit the standard gas operated pressure washers with interchangeable tips.
*   It can be used to wash under cars, trucks, boats on trailers, in the fender wells of cars and trucks, the roofs of 4x4's and SUV'S, gutters, and inside tanks.
*   Can be rotated 360 degrees.

DISCLAIMER: Use all appropriate safety equipment all the time when using this tool.

Water pressure cleaning has never been so easy!

Water pressure cleaning is even a great way to wash a car, truck, SUV, RV or boat.
Doing a pressure wash on a vehicle is a good way to have the experience of a professional car wash right at home. Using a pressure washer will clean and rinse any vehicle very well, and it saves money and time over bringing the vehicle to a car wash.
Plus there are no quarters required for this type of self serve car wash, just head to the drive way and get a great looking car wash for less money and use less time. Backyard stone work, fences, brick walls, concrete work, sidewalks, roofs, walls, garage doors, pool decks and many other areas around the home can all be cleaned and restored beautifully through pressure washer cleaning. These jobs are all quite different and may require a different pressure washer adapter.
There are different types of pressure washer adapters. Some are for actual pressure washers for specific pressure washer cleaning. They come in different sizes and shapes and are made of different materials. There are also many different companies that make pressure washer adapters, and the prices range quite a bit from one pressure washer adapter to another. Pressure washer adapters make it easy to switch from one type of job to another. The jobs the pressure washer will be used for and the pressure washer compatibility will determine specifically which pressure washer adapter is best for the individual.
Perhaps the most convenient and best use for a pressure washer adapter is the type that fits directly to a hose that is already in place at a home. With the right equipment a new brass washer adapter can transform an ordinary hose in to a pressure washer instantly. Pressure washer adapters are convenient to use with hoses because the only limitation is the length of the hose itself. This way, one hose can be transformed in to a multipurpose water pressure cleaning system with just one adapter.
With a brass pressure washer adapter, the same garden hose that is used to water flowers, plants and trees can be changed in to a powerful pressure washer to be used for much more than just garden nourishment. Using a pressure washer adapter is much more powerful and much easier than just holding a thumb over the end of the hose to give the water a focused spray. That type of pressure will only last so long, and will only move light debris around. It will not be a significant spray for any type of water pressure cleaning. A brass washer adapter or other type of washer adapter is needed for bigger jobs. Cleaning a vehicle, wall, garage door, stained vinyl siding or any other project will need more powerful and sustained water pressure.
Any garden hose of a reasonable length can be used for pressure washer cleaning. Hardly anything is needed to turn it in to a multipurpose tool besides the brass washer adapter. Once this is in place nothing stands in the way of a home that looks completely made over. And the garden hose can be changed right back in to a pleasant yard toy for children just by removing the washer adapter. There is no reason to delay, a cleaner, easier stress free life is just a pressure washer adapter away! Water pressure cleaning has never been so easy!